Social Responsibility

Legend Holdings: To be an excellent corporate citizen

The first sentence of Legend Holdings’ vision is “serving the country and society through developing successful industries and businesses”. We believe that: The most important social responsibility of Legend is to achieve good corporate development, observe laws and regulations, pay taxes, create job opportunities, provide high-quality products and services, and establish outstanding companies; additionally, in accordance with the philosophy of “people first”, we care for our employees, emphasize on development of and creation of incentives for talents, and create excellent corporate culture; we actively advocate for business ethics and positive social environment through our own practices and efforts; additionally, by virtue of our resources and experiences accumulated in years, we support the growth and expansion of Chinese companies and contribute to Chinese economy.

Over the past three decades, Legend Holdings has always strived for the goal of being a “trusted and respected” company. We integrate corporate social responsibility into the company’s overall strategies, actively participate in matters of public interest as our capacity allows, and focus on systematic planning about and long-term commitment to “assisting start-ups”, “supporting education”, and “advocating for social justice”. At the same time, Legend Holdings actively encourages its employees to participate in the cause of the public good to practically fulfill social responsibilities and serve the society.

Legend Holdings firmly believes that, through persistent efforts, the idea of “becoming good people, doing good deeds, and setting good examples” will be carried on from generation to generation within the company.
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Social Welfare

Assisting Entrepreneurs

Legend Star

In 2008, Legend Holdings and the Chinese Academy of Sciences initiated and set up Legend Star to promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and to encourage some people, who are both technically strong and innovative, to go to the market and serve as seeds of future start-ups. After years of practice, Legend Star has explored a dual-incubator model of "public-benefit operation, seamless convergence, relay training, forward-looking deployment and modeled output", therefore, finding a new path for innovation and entrepreneurship.

In 2015, after visiting Legend Star and learnt about the public-benefit trainings, Premier Li Keqiang affectionately called it as the "3-included" training: "food included, accommodation included, and learning included".

By the middle of 2020, 28 Star Friends (companies invested in and incubated by Legend Star) from the Legend Star Union have been listed at home and abroad, and more than 260 companies are valued at over USD100 million respectively. A financing scale of over 210 billion has been achieved by Star Friends, of which the total company value has been exceeding 810 billion, and more than 200,000 jobs have been provided.

  • Premier Li Keqiang and the trainees discussing about "Fu Pan"

  • Zhou Qiren, Professor, National Institute of Development, Peking University

  • Sun Taoran, Chairman and President of Lakala Group

  • Pan Shiyi, Chairman, SOHO China Co., Ltd.

  • Liu Chuanzhi presenting awards to the trainees

  • Feng Lun, Chairman, Yufeng Investment Holdings

  • Group photo at the opening of the tenth intake

  • Chen Chunhua, Professor of Management, Dean, BiMBA Business School, National Institute of Development of Peking University

  • . Zeng Ming, Chairman of Alibaba Group Academic Committee & Dean of Hupan University

  • Lu Yongxiang, former president of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Liu Chuanzhi, president of Legend Holdings, attending the opening ceremony of the "Legend College of Chinese Academy of Sciences"

  • Premier Li Keqiang and Liu Chuanzhi

  • “ 之星创业CEO特训班”学员毕业合影

Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation

Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation is aimed at improving impoverished people’s abilities of employment and entrepreneurship, pushing social responsibility innovation and building a harmonious society. Based on careful planning, centering on rural microfinance, education of children of low-income families, rural migrant worker training, creative talent cultivation and “trust-based eco-agriculture”, Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation subsidizes entrepreneurial education and career education of low-income population, studies and discusses the issue of poverty, and comments social responsibility activities for social responsibility talent training and harmonious community building.

As a member of the foundation, Legend Holdings donated RMB 10 million in total and will pay persistent attention to and support operation of the foundation and development of social responsibility project.

Supporting Education

Legend advancing class

The “Legend Advancing Class” is a major public welfare project of Legend Holdings in the field “support education”. In 2004, Legend Holdings established the “Legend Advancing Education Foundation” to set up the “Legend Advancing Class” in impoverished areas. In detail, all tuitions and living expenses needed are offered to high school students from needy families with good character and learning attitude Different forms of activities (psychological wellbeing, comprehensive abilities enhancement, horizons expansion. etc.) are developed for the student to help such student change their destiny, finish high school and hopefully attend university. The more important outcome is that such student would foster correct views on life and values and become a self-confident and progressive person.

For the past decade , Legend Holdings has successively set up the "Legend advancing class" in cities like Beijing, Guizhou, Gansu, Sichuan and Ningxia with total investment of RMB 40 million and sponsored more than 2,800 students, among whom 2,200 students have got a chance to change their fate by leaving those high mountains and joining universities after graduating from middle school.

Capital support + value-added services Overall growth Good social effect
  • In 2004, Legend Holdings donated RMB 1 million yuan to set up “Legend Advancing Education Fund"

  • Company representatives attending the opening ceremony

  • Company leaders and the kids

  • Company leadership inaugurating for “Legend Advancing class”

  • Company leaders and the kids

  • Volunteers and students performing on the stage together

  • Volunteer and the kids

  • Liu Chuanzhi talking to graduates of “Legend Advancing class” in Beijing

  • Home visits to the poor students

  • A group photo at Tiananmen Square

  • Flag-raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square

  • Gifts prepared by the students carefully

  • Inviting students to visit the Great Wall in Beijing

  • Volunteers going to a poor student's home to express their sympathy.

  • Pairs of eyes that are longing for knowledge

  • Supporting the members of “Legend Advancing class’ College Students Federation” to volunteer teaching in the mountain areas of Guizhou

Advocating Social Justice

Legend Beijing Special Foundation for Heroes, Models and Justice-upholders

Legend Beijing Special Foundation for Heroes, Models and Justice-upholders is a charitable foundation jointly initiated by Legend Holdings and Mr. Liu Chuanzhi in 2004, aimed at helping heroes, martyrs, models and justice-upholders and their families within the Beijing’s political and legal system, thus carrying forward healthy trends. There has been RMB 22 million donated from the foundation so far. The Fund have been commended or subsidized heroes, models and martyrs within the Beijing’s political, legal and civil administration systems and their children as well as first-line policemen and justice-upholders, by over 1,800 person-times.
Action Moist:

"Action Moist"is a dedicated public welfare project set up by Legend Holdings Foundation in 2013 at the initiative of Mr. Liu Chuanzhi,founder of Lenovo and Legend Holdings. "Action Moist " identifies and recognizes ordinary people who do good deeds for the society, by way of extending to them or their families certain endowments or assistance, so that they can feel reciprocated by the society. In so doing, social righteousness is extolled and social atmosphere is “moistened”, literally becoming more engaged.

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