Management Team

Ning Min

Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Legend Holdings

Mr. Ning Min joined Legend Holdings in 1991. Currently serves as the Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Ning Min has been a Member of the Executive Committee and CFO of Legend Holdings for a long time. He is in full charge of the finance and funds, risk control and auditing, capital market as well as public relations, and oversees the financial investments business. He plays an important role in formulating the corporate strategy, business development, and organization construction. During his tenure as CFO, he made outstanding performance in the fund and financial management, as well as capital market operation, including the completion of the listing of Legend Holdings and H-share full circulation program. Mr. Ning Min also contributed great value to the Company when he oversaw the Company’s financial investments, leading to the rapid progress of Legend Capital, Hony Capital and Legend Star and the direct investment business of Legend Holdings.

Mr. Ning Min is also the Chairman of Legend Star, and Director of Hony Capital, EAL, Joyvio Group, and Levima Advanced Materials.

Mr. Ning has served successively as Assistant to the President, Assistant President & Secretary of Board, Vice President, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director, and is now Chairman of Board of Directors in Legend Holdings.

Mr. NING obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics from Renmin University of China (中国人民大学) in 1997. Mr. NING completed courses of master of business administration offered by Graduate School of Renmin University of China (中国人民大学研究生院) in China in 2001.

Li Peng

CEO of Legend Holdings

Mr. Li Peng joined Legend Holdings in 2003 and is now CEO of Legend Holdings Corporation.

As a Member of the Executive Committee, Mr. Li has long engaged himself in the strategic investments business and post-investment management. At the preliminary phase of the Company’s strategic investments business, he participated in the formulation and implementation of investment strategies, and was responsible for the investment in and management on diversified sectors, including the successful optimization of the Company’s real estate business. The financial services business landscape is full-fledged under his leadership of financial services and overseas investments. He has also set up a team specialized in overseas investment. With his international perspective and professional knowledge, Mr. Li led his team and completed the acquisition of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL), building a new pillar asset as an outstanding contribution to the healthy development and value enhancement of Legend Holdings.

Mr. Li Peng was also responsible for the Company's domestic and overseas financing operations.

He is now the Vice Chairman of BIL, and Director of Lakala Payment, and Koala Technology.

Mr. Li served as General Manager of the Investment Management Department, Director of the Strategic Investments Business, Assistant President, Vice President, Senior Vice President, and is now CEO.

He received a bachelor's degree in international finance from the University of International Business and Economics and a master's degree in business administration from New Hampshire State University. Before joining Legend, he worked in Sinotrans as well as Teradyne Connection Systems.

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