Social Responsibility

Legend Holdings: To be an excellent corporate citizen

The first sentence of Legend Holdings’ vision is “serving the country and society through developing successful industries and businesses”. We believe that: The most important social responsibility of Legend is to achieve good corporate development, observe laws and regulations, pay taxes, create job opportunities, provide high-quality products and services, and establish outstanding companies; additionally, in accordance with the philosophy of “people first”, we care for our employees, emphasize on development of and creation of incentives for talents, and create excellent corporate culture; we actively advocate for business ethics and positive social environment through our own practices and efforts; additionally, by virtue of our resources and experiences accumulated in years, we support the growth and expansion of Chinese companies and contribute to Chinese economy.

Over the past three decades, Legend Holdings has always strived for the goal of being a “trusted and respected” company. We integrate corporate social responsibility into the company’s overall strategies, actively participate in matters of public interest as our capacity allows, and focus on systematic planning about and long-term commitment to “assisting start-ups”, “supporting education”, and “advocating for social justice”. At the same time, Legend Holdings actively encourages its employees to participate in the cause of the public good to practically fulfill social responsibilities and serve the society.

Legend Holdings firmly believes that, through persistent efforts, the idea of “becoming good people, doing good deeds, and setting good examples” will be carried on from generation to generation within the company.

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